About Management

Our Management Team


Since 1995 WILSON-BLANCHARD has strived to give our clients the confidence and security that comes from dealing with one of the largest condominium management firms in Canada and the satisfaction that comes from dealing with a firm that understands managing communities.

We are “Dedicated to being the most trusted name in Property Management”. The members of the WB Team have the experience and integrity to provide;

  1. Property Management Services
  2. Accurate and transparent monthly financial reporting
  3. Preventative maintenance and Inspections
  4. Annual Planning and,
  5. Community Management guidance and advice
  6. Find out how Wilson-Blanchard can be your solution to Property Management.

Provide information and a member of our Management Team will contact you for a no obligation discussion on the needs of your community or property.

WB is run by a strong management team including Ray Wilson, Karen Reynolds, Mike Mullen, and Paula Davis.