Below are some common questions asked by residents at 360 Pearl.  This, and other important information, is also included in the 360 Pearl Resident Information Manual, available in the Library on the website.

Q. Who do I contact in the event of an emergency?

A. For fire or a medical emergency, contact 911 and provide all relevant details.  The Security Team should also be notified at 905-632-4142 so that they can be prepared when emergency personnel arrive on-site. Emergency incidents (fire, flood, personal injury, security breach or no heat) should also be reported to Management at 905-540-8800 x 300.

Q. Are Open Houses permitted at 360 Pearl?

A. The Rules at 360 Pearl do not permit Open Houses, or any signage to be posted on any part of the inside or outside of the buildings or Common Elements. 

Q. How do I obtain a Status Certificate?

A. To obtain a Status Certificate, please visit https://www.wilsonblanchard.com/, and click on “Status Certificates” under the “SERVICES” tab, or you may contact our Property Manager.  Please note that there is a fee charged to produce the document, and it takes approximately 10 days.

Q. What are the Rules, Policies and Procedures at 360 Pearl?

A. Rules promote everyone’s safety, security, and welfare and help to ensure that all residents can enjoy living in their condominium; and also serve to protect the property, and the condominium’s assets.  The Rules are available for reference/download in the Library on the website.  Policies and Procedures are issued from time to time to further support the Rules.

Q. What, and how much, condominium insurance do I need?

A. The Corporation maintains insurance covering damage to the Common Elements, and up to the standard unit definition, as outlined in By-law #7.  Unit owners are required to obtain and maintain adequate insurance coverage for: improvements to, and contents of their unit, locker and parking space; living and accommodation allowance should their unit be uninhabitable; public liability insurance, and coverage for the Corporation’s deductible for which the owner may be responsible.  The Corporation’s insurance certificate is sent to owner’s annually upon renewal, a copy is also saved in the Library for reference.  It is recommended that owners forward this certificate to their insurance provider to ensure that they have adequate coverage.

Q. How is information communicated to residents at 360 Pearl?

A. The primary method of communication is via this website, or by email.  The Board prepares and posts a monthly newsletter – “The Pearl”.  This newsletter provides information and updates on building operations.   Announcements are also posted, and the Events calendar updated, on the website, to notify residents of upcoming maintenance or activities. 

Q. How do I contact the Board of Directors?

A. The best way to contact the Board of Directors is to send an email, with all details, to Management.  Residents may also leave a letter addressed to the Board with Security. 

Q. Who is responsible for service & repair (plumbing, electrical, etc.) in the unit?

A. Typically, anything within the unit boundary walls, including plumbing and electrical that services the unit solely, is the unit owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair.  The Corporation has prepared a “Maintenance and Repair” chart which outlines the responsibility for both the Corporation and the unit owner.  Please check this chart to determine responsibility, or contact Management for assistance. 

Q. Who is responsible for repair & maintenance of HVAC equipment in the unit?

A.  Unit owners are responsible for the HVAC equipment within their units.  The Corporation contracts for twice annual filter changes, which is included in the monthly maintenance fees.  If there are issues with in-unit HVAC equipment, the owner should contact Management as some repairs may be included in the Corporation’s maintenance contract.  If the HVAC equipment in the unit cannot be repaired, and a new unit is required, this is at the unit owner’s cost.

Q. What are the fire procedures for residents?

A. Fire procedures for the City of Burlington, and the resident portion of the buildings fire plan, are included in the Welcome Package, and may also be found in the Library on the website.

Q. What are the procedures to report a water leak?

A. If there is a leak within the unit, the most important thing to do is to identify the source and shut the water off immediately.  If water is leaking into the unit, notify Security at 905-632-4142 immediately so that they can assist with reporting the issue to Management and attempt to identify the source of the leak to mitigate damage to other units and common elements.

Q. Are BBQ’s permitted on balconies?

A. BBQ’s (coal, propane or electric) are not permitted on any balconies/terraces.  Natural gas BBQ’s are only permitted on designated balconies/terraces with a gas-line.  BBQ’s are available for resident use on the roof-top terrace and the balcony off the Party Room.

Q. Is there Visitor Parking available?

A. We do not have Visitor Parking available at 360 Pearl.  A Visitor Parking Pass, for over-night/evening guests, may be obtained from building Security for use of the commercial parking spaces at the back of the building.  Use of these spaces is only permitted overnight from 8pm to 8am, and vehicles must have a Visitor Parking Pass displayed to avoid being towed.

Q. What are the procedures for unit renovations?                                  

A. Owners wishing to renovate their unit must complete a Unit Renovation Agreement, and submit this, and all required documents, to the Board of Directors for approval before commencing their renovation.

Q. Can I lease my unit?

Prior to a unit being occupied by a tenant, the unit owner must notify the Property Manager and provide all the required documentation, including tenant information, and a copy of the lease.  The lease term at 360 Pearl is a minimum of twelve (12) months, and no unit may be rented for short periods.  The owner is responsible for any damage or additional maintenance to the common elements caused by their tenant, and will be assessed and charged accordingly. During the period of occupancy by the tenant, owners have no right of use of any part of the common elements and amenities.

Q. How do I obtain additional keys and FOB’s?

The Condominium uses a secure master key system. Unit, and private locker keys, cannot be duplicated on standard key cutting machines.  Additional keys, or changes to locks are at the owner’s cost, and must be arranged through Management.   Building/garage access is via FOB – these would have been provided by the previous owner, or by your landlord.  If your FOB is damaged, or additional FOB’s are required, they are available for purchase from Security.

Q. Can I store items in my parking space in the garage?

A. Storage of items in the parking garage is not permitted.  The only item permitted to be stored in personal parking spaces, is a shopping cart.

Q. What happens in the event of a power failure?

A. Our building is equipped with an emergency generator. In the event of a power failure it will supply power to some common areas, emergency lighting in hallways and stairwells, the fire protection system and some mechanical systems.  One elevator will remain in operation – this should be used for emergencies only.  Residential units are not powered by the emergency generator – please keep a flashlight and/or candles handy.  Water supply on higher floors in the building will be limited.

Q. Is the building monitored by video surveillance?

For the safety and security of all, the premises at 360 Pearl is monitored by video surveillance.  Cameras are located in the garage, lobby and other common elements of the building.  

Q. Am I permitted to have a door mat, ornaments and seasonal decorations?

A. The Rules prohibit any signs/decorations to be inscribed, painted, affixed or placed on any part of the inside or outside of the buildings or common elements, unit doors and balconies.  For safety reasons, items in hallways are prohibited by the Fire Department.  Our Rules also prohibit seasonal lighting or decorations on unit doors and balconies and terraces.

Q. Do I need to secure items on my balcony/terrace?

A. During exceptionally windy days, if not secured, items from balconies may be picked up by the wind and blown over the balcony.  This is a serious safety hazard – residents are responsible for ensuring that items on their balcony are secured at all times.

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